音楽 : 島田英明-Agencement

FORMAT: CD - Limited 200

「そこに堅牢なストラクチュアを想像してはならない。それはたえず定点を移動させながら、むしろ明快な三次元モデルの提出を徹底的に回避する。けっして可視化/言語化され得ない構造、そこにこそ音楽のプライオリティがあることを、それはあらためて指し示す。」(1991年 美術手帖レビューより)

絵画の制作、ヴァイオリンの即興実験を70年代後半に開始した金沢のアーティスト島田英明。その創作の延長として85年にテープ導入によるエレクトロニクス・プロジェクト"Agencement"を始動。2枚のLPをリリース後、初のCD作品として発表した[Viosphere](1991年)に、初期/同時期の未発表マテリアルを3曲追加、新たに[Viosphere "+"](プラス)としたArt into Life復刻版。収録テイクの中で特に注目は、同じく80年代実験音楽シーンにて活動した"透過性分子"岩田裕成との88年スタジオセッション。ギター、アンプリファイ・オートハープを使用した極めて先鋭的な演奏が繰り広げられている。


"But don't imagine any rigid structure. Fixed points are constantly forced into motion, and the provision of any explicit three dimensional model is avoided entirely. Again we are shown that the priority of music is that it represents a structure that cannot be reduced to the visual or linguistic." (1991 review in 'Bijutsu Techo' art magazine).

Hideaki Shimada who started making art and improvised violin experiments in the late 1970s in Kanazawa. As a continuation of some of these ideas, he started adding tapes, which led to the creation of the Agencement electronic project in 1985. Two LPs were released under that name, then his first CD "Viosphere" in 1991. Art into Life is now reissuing this album, plus three previously unissued tracks from the same period, under the title "Viosphere +". Of particular interest is the previously unreleased 1988 studio session with Hironari Iwata - from Toukaseibunshi from the same 80s experimental scene. It's a heavily avant-garde performance for guitar, amplifier and autoharp.

Comes in a box with a 12 page booklet of performance photographs from the period and several 2011 visual works. Limited edition of 200.

1. Previosphere
2. Penta 2(Hironari Iwata, electric guitar / Hideaki Shimada,amplified autoharp.)
3. Viosphere Part 1
4. Viosphere Part 2
5. Sbub Stroke

美術 : 野中ユリの作品

美術 : 野中ユリ作品集- 彷徨引力

野中ユリ作品集 彷徨引力 無綴11図



書籍 : 吉田一穂 「羅甸薔薇」

吉田一穂 「羅甸薔薇」 (山雅房) 昭和25年6月1

音楽 : Charles Gayle (ESP-Disk')

For his first release for ESP-Disk, we present a 1994, HIGH ENERGY performance of Charles Gayle recorded live in Santa Barbara, California playing total FIRE MUSIC. The unique complementary nuance of the group brings forth (5) incredible performances featuring Charles playing tenor sax, bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Michael Wimberly. Liner notes are written by journalist Russ Musto.


Charles Gayle: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet & vocals
Michael Bisio: double-bass
Michael Wimberley: drums

Track Listing

1. Alpha
2. Homage To Albert Ayler
3. I Remember Eric Dolphy
4. In The Name Of The Father
5. The Book of Revelation

Press Quotes

"Charles Gayle‘s music is breathtaking... This album is one of the stronger entries in his discography—the fact that the tape took 18 years to emerge says nothing about its quality. Highly recommended."

--Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance

"Look Up shows that it didn’t matter where Gayle played and who he played with, he performs as the living, high priest of guttural jazz. Few, if any, can preach this kind of gospel with this much vigor and personal investment."
--S. Victor Aaron, Something Else!

"Gayle plays with conviction to spare."

"Reactionary sentiments aside, this disc is inspired."

--Mike Shanley, JazzTimes


音楽 : Various‎– Thee Anal Probe Archives 10th Anniversary Retro

音楽 : Ferial Confine‎– Meiosis

音楽 : Ferial Confine‎– Morceau Melodique

Ferial Confine‎– Morceau Melodique

Label:Not On Label ‎– none
Format:Cassette, Single Sided


A1 Progress Farming

A2 Barriere 2


Privately issued by Andrew Chalk. Probably less than 10 copies made.


音楽 : Andrew Chalk 関連

Various Artists - Never Say When

Broken Flag・BFV 08・1987年イギリス盤・限定500

イギリスのGary Mundy (Ramleh)によるBroken Flagレーベルの1987年作コンピレーションアルバムLPレコード。

1. Ramleh - Bite The Bolster
2. Uncommunity - Ex-Nyhylo Nyhyl Fyt
3. Cranioclast - …And Still The World Exists
4. Total - Face To Face In The Howling Night

1. Controlled Bleeding - Segments Of The Body
2. Andrew Chalk - Thack
3. Jonathan Briley - The Hunter
4. Giancarlo Toniutti - Covar Peste In Cagna


音楽 : Randy Burns

書籍 : 稲垣足穂-『コリントン卿登場』(限定30部本の番外本)


稲垣足穂  野中ユリ  種村季弘
美術出版社   昭和49年刊