書籍 : 瀧口修造-近代藝術

瀧口修造-近代藝術 昭和13年、三笠全書11

音楽 : Bladder Flask

Bladder Flask

One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met
& Everybody Thought I Was Whistling



音楽 : Joe Talia - Chalk / Chetwin / Plagne ‎– Split

Joe Talia - Chalk / Chetwin / Plagne ‎– Split

レーベル:Nice Music ‎– nicemusic002
フォーマット:Cassette, Album
リリース済み:20 May 2016
スタイル:Ambient, Drone, Experimental, New Ag

Joe Talia
12th Exit

Some Trees
Andrew Chalk, Hanna Chetwin, Francis Plagne
Part One

Andrew Chalk, Hanna Chetwin, Francis Plagne
Part Two

Andrew Chalk, Hanna Chetwin, Francis Plagne
Part Three

Cover [Image] – Andrew Chalk
Layout [Uncredited] – Simon J. Karis

Side B recorded in Hull, 2013.
First issued 20 May 2016. Repress available 20th November 2016.

音楽 : Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki ‎– 山と梨 = Yama To Nashi

Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki ‎– 山と梨 = Yama To Nashi

レーベル:Siren Records ‎– SIREN 027
フォーマット:CD, Album
リリース済み:24 Feb 2018
ジャンル:Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
スタイル:Ambient, Experimental, Field Recording

Threads From The Milky Way
Hana Sudare
Shelf On Wall
A Sentry On The Roof
Shadow And Silhouette
Yama To Nashi

CD comes housed inside a heavy card gatefold sleeve of mini LP size.
Also comes with a folding insert included with translations to the English language.

音楽 : Andrew Chalk ‎– The River That Flows Into The Sands (2018)

Andrew Chalk ‎– The River That Flows Into The Sands

レーベル:Faraway Press ‎– FP 02
フォーマット:Vinyl, LP, Special Edition, Stere
リリース済み:24 Feb 2018
スタイル:Modern Classical



everlasting wrongs

above the clouds

radiant light

音楽 : Andrew Chalk ‎– The River That Flows Into The Sands(2018)

Andrew Chalk ‎– The River That Flows Into The Sands

レーベル:Faraway Press ‎– FP 02
フォーマット:Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Stereo, Clear
リリース済み:24 Feb 2018
スタイル:Modern Classical



Everlasting Wrongs

Above The Clouds

Radiant Light

Special edition in large portfolio signed & numbered by Andrew Chalk limited to 20 copies worldwide.

It features five original monotype prints of The River That Flows Into The Sands, loose mounted on archival mounts. Title page, construction in heavy boards with tipped-on papers. Prints contained in a fold-out inner leaf. Burgundy cloth spine and original art piece to front of each portfolio. Size : 300 X 400mm. This is a heavy item. The edition also is accompanied by a copy of the LP and are sold as a set.


音楽 : VARIOUS-Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (Music From The Soundtrack)

VARIOUS-Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (Music From The Soundtrack)
label Warner Bros. / BS 2573 year 1972 format LP

イギリスの小説家アンソニー・バージェスによるディストピア小説を鬼才スタンリー・キューブリックが映画化した『時計仕掛けのオレンジ』のオリジナル・サウンド・トラック。暴力やセックスなど、欲望の限りを尽くす荒廃した自由放任と管理された全体主義社会とのジレンマを描いた風刺的な作品で、サイケ~クラシック~ニューエイジ~エクスペリメンタル方面からヴァイオレンスな名シーンでのジーン・ケリー/雨に歌えば(Singin' in the Rain)まで収録したカルトな内容です。

USオリジナル LP ゲートフォールドJK レアなシールド未開封です!
重量も320gあり、初回オンリーの見開き仕様ですので1st オリーヴLbl.だと思います。(引用)

A1 –Walter Carlos / Title Music From A Clockwork Orange
A2 –Gioacchino Rossini / The Thieving Magpie (Abridged)
A3 –Walter Carlos / Theme From A Clockwork Orange (Beethoviana)
A4 –Ludwig van Beethoven / Ninth Symphony, Second Movement - Abridged
A5 –Walter Carlos / March From A Clockwork Orange (Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement - Abridged)
A6 –Walter Carlos / William Tell Overture - Abridged

B1 –Sir Edward Elgar / Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1
B2 –Sir Edward Elgar / Pomp And Circumstance March No. IV - Abridged
B3 –Walter Carlos / Timesteps (Excerpt)
B4 –Terry Tucker / Overture To The Sun
B5 –Erika Eigen / I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper
B6 –Gioacchino Rossini / William Tell Overture - Abridged
B7 –Walter Carlos / Suicide Scherzo (Ninth Symphony, Second Movement - Abridged)
B8 –Ludwig van Beethoven / Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement - Abridged
B9 –Gene Kelly / Singin' In The Rain


音楽 : アンドリュー チョーク ‎– 彼岸 / 悲しき配分

アンドリュー チョーク ‎– 彼岸 / 悲しき配分

レーベル:Not On Label (Andrew Chalk Self-Released) ‎– none
フォーマット:Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, C40
リリース済み:17 May 2016
スタイル:Ambient, Minimal

Kanashiki Haibun

Chrome cassette in a slipcase. Some signed on cassette sleeve. Limited to 100 copies.


音楽 : Matthew Shipp - Zero(ESP-Disk')

Matthew Shipp

In the first part of his career, Matthew Shipp avoided solo recordings, saying he wasn't ready – and the first solo album he made, Symbol Systems, happened by accident when the other player on the session didn't show up. Since then, his style expanded and matured and he recorded prolifically, including a number of solo albums, but they have remained special events, distinct statements of purpose. Zero continues in this tradition; its philosophical basis can be gleaned from the lecture on the bonus CD. But, of course, it is the music itself which speaks most eloquently.
Please note that the tune titled "Zero" is not the same as a previous Shipp composition of the same title.
Only the first edition (first 880 copies) of this album will include the bonus CD containing the talk Mr. Shipp gave at The Stone.

Track List:
01 Zero 5:31
02 Abyss Before Zero 3:48
03 Pole After Zero 3:19
04 Piano Panels 4:13
05 Cosmic Sea 3:43
06 Zero Skip and a Jump 2:11
07 Zero Subtract From Jazz 6:35
08 Blue Equation 5:14
09 Pattern Emerge 2:46
10 Ghost Pattern 1:39
11 After Zero 5:12
Total time 44:11

Bonus CD:
01 Zero: A Lecture on Nothingness 62:58

Matthew Shipp: piano (CD 1), voice (bonus CD)
Steve Dalachinsky: liner notes

Press Quotes:
"Matthew Shipp has become an elder statesman in the jazz world. How that happened can be boiled down to two simple elements. One: he has created a unique sound and language for improvised music and two: Shipp has become a doyen of cutting edge music making and opinion." – Mark Corroto, All About Jazz
"[A]n aspect of Shipp's character that is always evident, yet seldom discussed: the emotional commitment in his compositional method is equal to the rigorous intellect he applies in the architecture of creation." – Thom Jurek, Allmusic.com, re: solo album Piano Sutras

"The jazz world does not lack for fine pianists, but those who can sustain listener interest through an extended solo set always have been in shorter supply. These days, few pack their soliloquies with more information, drama and free-ranging thought than Matthew Shipp." – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
Musicians: Matthew Shipp

音楽 : Thollem/DuRoche/Stjames Trio - Live in Our Time(ESP-Disk')

Thollem/DuRoche/Stjames Trio
Live in Our Time

Through the wood, sinew, skins, metal and fingers, one hears the years of experiential exploration, responsive nuances, and overwhelming power in the trio's joyfully intense playing. They cover a lot of territory in this recording, conjuring epochs and eras, terrains and cultures. This is improvised music composed spontaneously out of the breadth of experiences. www.thollem.com/thollem-duroche-stjames
The trio will play an album release concert in Seattle at the Royal Room on March 1.
Also:March 2nd house concert in Tacoma
March 4th at Leaven in Portland
Thollem will have a solo a date in New York City on April 28 as part of an ESP event to be announced soon.
André Stjames is a cornerstone of the rich, thriving Pacific Northwest jazz scene and works regularly with his own ensemble, Mel Brown, The Kin Trio, Gordon Lee, Renato Caranto, and many others. Over the last three decades, Stjames has worked with Sonny Rollins, the Harold Land-Blue Mitchell Quintet, Andrew Hill trio and large bands, Bobby Hutcherson, Charlie Rouse, Pharoah Sanders, James Moody, Alan Shorter, Nancy King, and George Cables. Stjames's strong sense of lyricism, buoyancy, and surging momentum, as well as a deep respect for both tradition and innovation, have taken him to both ends of the jazz spectrum -- from torch songs and two-beat to bop and beyond. He has enjoyed freewheeling, open-ended avant-garde combustion with keepers of the flame including Judy Silvano/Cathi Walkup/Andrea Wolper, Ron Steen, Joe Pass, Kai Winding, Herb Ellis, Greta Matassa, and Houston Person as well as trailblazers such as Julius Hemphill, Marty Ehrlich, Eugene Chadbourne, Michael White, India Cooke, Kash Killion, Mal Waldron, and Sun Ra, to name a handful. www.andrestjames.com
Tim DuRoche works regularly with the collective ensemble Battle Hymns & Gardens and The Kin Trio, and has logged extensive time with an array of U.S. and European avant-garde jazz innovators, including Dominic Duval, Burton Greene, Matana Roberts, Paul Plimley, Lisle Ellis, Wally Shoup, Gust Burns, Bert Wilson, Urs Leimgruber, Jon Raskin, Perry Robinson, Jack Wright, Doug Theriault, Marco Eneidi, Didier Petit, and Frank Gratkowski, among others. Tim is the host of "The New Thing," a weekly radio jazz radio show on KMHD 89.1 FM, and is the author of the book Occasional Jazz Conjectures (Durable Goods). www.timduroche.com
Thollem has spent his life skirting and erasing the edges of boundaries musically, culturally, geographically. His work is ever-changing, evolving and responding to the times and his experiences, both as a soloist and in collaboration with hundreds of artists across idioms and disciplines including William Parker, Susie Ibarra, Nels Cline, Amy Denio, Faruq Z. Bey, Michael Wimberly, John Butcher, Gino Robair, Jon Raskin, Henry Kaiser, Scott Amendola, Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi, Pauline Oliveros, Vinny Golia, and Hafez Modirzadeh, among many, many others. "He inhabits a world uniquely his own, rhythmically, harmonically and formally" (Terry Riley). This is Thollem's fourth appearance on ESP-Disk', following The Naked Future's Gigantomachia (ESP4053), TSIGOTI's Private Property Speaks to the People of the Party (ESP4057), and Thollem McDonas & Mad King Edmund's Happening: A Movement in 12 Acts (ESP5012). www.thollem.com

Track Listing:
01. Persisted Resistance 18:59
02. Reparation Apparition 14:26
03. Sunshine Pipeline 11:38

total 47:03
Thollem McDonas, piano
Tim DuRoche, drums
André Stjames, bass


音楽 : Matthew Shipp - Sonic Fiction(ESP-Disk')

Matthew Shipp
Sonic Fiction

After a duo album and two trio albums by Shipp and Walerian, all for ESP-Disk', we get a quartet album from them that continues their strategy of working with different musicians each time out. Bisio and Dickey are long-time collaborators with Shipp, but the addition of Walerian's Zen style changes the dynamics of their interactions. Walerian and Dickey, masters of restraint, were a match waiting to be made, and their instant rapport is one of the attractions of this album.

Track List:
01. First Step 3:24
02. Blues Addition 6:23
03. The Station 5:53
04. Lines of Energy 4:02
05. Easy Flow 5:39
06. The Problem of Jazz 5:00
07. The Note 0:17
08. 3 by 4 6:25
09. Cell in the Brain 5:33
10. Sonic Fiction 11:23

Total time 53:59


Matthew Shipp, piano
Mat Walerian, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Michael Bisio, bass
Whit Dickey, drums

Press Quotes:
"Matthew Shipp has become an elder statesman in the jazz world. How that happened can be boiled down to two simple elements. One: he has created a unique sound and language for improvised music and two: Shipp has become a doyen of cutting edge music making and opinion." – Mark Corroto, All About Jazz
"[Walerian] is one of the most talented young jazz musicians on the Polish scene, if not THE most talented." – Maciej Lewenstein, Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond
"The reed work of Mat Walerian really warms up the piano of Matthew Shipp here – as Mat provides these beautiful lines on alto, bass clarinet, flute, and soprano clarinet – which have a resonant quality that really seems to open up Shipp's music too! We've really moved back towards enjoying Shipp in recent years – and the sense of persona in records like this is a good reason why – almost a renewed soul that we haven't heard in years, unlocked in the right setting like this." – Dusty Groove
"Amazing sympathetic piano-sax interaction. Often somber, sometimes blues-inflected, sometimes explosive." – rotfest.com
"Live in Okuden exemplifies the possibilities of the duo. Shipp is in great form and the album is a nice introduction to Walerian's imaginative playing." – Paul Acquaro, freejazzblog.org

"[D]espite featuring the nimble, expressive, and yes interesting and evocative fingers of pianist Matthew Shipp, Live at Okuden really gets its mood, and thus its mojo, from the bass clarinet, alto sax, soprano clarinet, and flute playing of Mat Walerian." - Paul Semel, CultureCatch.com

Musicians: Matthew Shipp / / Mat Walerian / Michael Bisio / Whit Dickey

音楽 : Don Cherry (Bootleg?)


音楽 : Robbie Basho - Live in Forli, Italy 1982(ESP-Disk')

Live in Forli, Italy 1982
Basho (1940-86), who died young after a stroke, never got his due in the culture at large, but steel-string guitar enthusiasts have known for decades that he was one of the greats of "American Primitive." Technically adept and compositionally imaginative, fusing the music of many cultures into a mesmerizing solo style, he has been an inspiration for many; his music has generated a surge of interest in recent years. This 1982 concert was part of a four-show Italian tour. It took place at the 18th-century Palazzo Gaddi that housed the local music high school and was mostly used for classical concerts, in an intimate space co-organizer Mario Calvitti (whose memories of the events surrounding this concert make up the bulk of the liner notes) says Basho called "one lovely little room where I could play all night." Only previously released incompletely as a download, this show can now be heard in its full glory.

Vinyl Track Listing: PREORDER
A1. Redwood Ramble 3:50
A2. Song of the Stallion 4:21
A3. The Grail and the Lotus 8:47
A4. German Chocolate Cake 2:36
A5. Interlude 2:05
B1. Cathedral et Fleur de Lis 8:13
B2. Pavan India 7:58
B3. California Raga 7:40
Total 45:30
vinyl includes download code for the entire program

CD/download Track Listing:
01. Redwood Ramble 3:51
02. Song of the Stallion 4:23
03. The Grail and the Lotus 9:31
04. Interlude 1 0:50
05. German Chocolate Cake 2:42
06. Interlude 2 2:52
07. Cathedral et Fleur de Lis 8:09
08. Pavan India 7:57
09. Interlude 3 2:45
10. Clair de Lune (for Twelve-String) 4:43
11. California Raga 8:09
Total 55:52

Personnel: Robbie Basho, acoustic guitar, occasional vocals

“Basho’s manic, hyperkinetic approach to playing, singing, songwriting and living in general have very few peers. …a (guitarist in need of a popular resurrection.” – Pitchfork.com
“Whatever bag he was in, he was in all the way. There was no holding back and no wobbliness at all. He just had the ability to take you somewhere else.” Glenn Jones
“Robbie Basho was an angel. I don’t believe he was terrestrial. I would watch him play and be transported in a way I’ve tnever been transported before.” – Will Ackerman
Musicians: Robbie Basho


美術 : 河原温(ON KAWARA)「死仮面」

河原温(ON KAWARA)「死仮面」<PARCO出版>豪華印刷絵画作品集(完品)、1995年12月リリース作品。
梱包サイズ: 45 x 35.4 x 3 cm