音楽 : Alan Licht's minimal top ten

1) Charlemagne Palestine - Four Manifestations on Six Elements (Castelli-Sonnabend, 1974)
2) Terry Riley - Reed Streams (Mass Arts, 1966)
3) La Monte Young - The Black Record (Edition X, West Germany, 1969); Bootleg (Italy, 1992)
4) Steve Reich - Four Organs (Shandar, 1971)
5) Phill Niblock - Nothin' to Look at, Just a Record (India Navigation, 1979)
6) Henry Flynt - You Are My Everlovin' (self-released cassette, 1987)
7) Tony Conrad - Outside the Dream Syndicate (Caroline, 1974)
8) Jon Gibson - Two Solo Pieces (Chatham Square, 1977)
9) Remko Scha - Machine Guitars (Kremlin, 1982)
10) Terry Fox - Berlino (Het Apollohuis, 1983)
11) Richard Youngs - Advent (No Fans, 1990)


音楽 : 珍しい。

Music in similar motion / in fifths LP
• Original 1st pressing
• Label :Chatham Square 1003 / Usa 1973
• Condition :ex-/ex(cover/vinyl)
The definite masterpiece of 20th Century minimalist music from Philip Glass, his debut original vinyl Chatham Square 1973 pressing.

Philip Glass is assisted by his Glass Ensemble of Jon Gibson, Richard Landry, Steve Chambers, Art Murphy, Robert Prado!! This piece, featuring variable instrumentation, is part of Philip Glass's earlier experiments in minimalism and stasis. However, unlike previous works of static repetition, this piece gradually adds new instruments as the music progresses. The significance of each entry causes a remarkable change in the music that lifts the minimalist approach to a higher level of energy and drama. In "Music in Fifths", Philip Glass's ideas are at their most basic, using only addition and subtraction of notes in simple scales to create epic, hypnotic musical forms. Cyclic rhythmical structures, stable harmony, repetitive structures and a steady eight-note beat can be perceived throughout the work.
Philip Glass studied with Vincent Persichetti, Darius Milhaud, William Bergsma, Nadia Boulanger and Ravi Shankar, worked with Laurie Anderson and James Tenney, and is associated with the late 20th century 'minimalism' movement along with John Adams, Steve Reich, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Charlemagne Palestine, Phil Niblock, and Tony Conrad."(kind courtesy of keymap)
Glass is a prolific composer: he has written ensemble works, operas, 8 symphonies, 8 concertos, film scores, and solo works. Glass counts many visual artists, writers, musicians, and directors among his friends, including Richard Serra, Chuck Close, Doris Lessing, Allen Ginsberg, Errol Morris, Robert Wilson, JoAnne Akalaitis, John Moran, actors Bill Treacher and Peter Dean, Godfrey Reggio, Ravi Shankar, Linda Ronstadt, Paul Simon, David Bowie, the conductor Dennis Russell Davies, and electronic musician Aphex Twin, who have all collaborated with him. Among recent collaborators are Glass' fellow New Yorkers Leonard Cohen, and Woody Allen.

Cover lies in excellent- condition(small split on top), while the vinyl lies in excellent condition, nearly perfect!! Might appeal to fans of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, John Cage, David Tudor, Pierre Henry, musique concrete, Broken Music, Pierre Schaeffer, Detoni, Henri Chopin, Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, Yoshi Wada, harry Partch, Ragnar Grippe, Arne Nordheim, Andre Almuro, Alvin Lucier, Alvin Curran, Eimert, Riedl, Parmegiani, Stockhausen, Xenakis, Richard Maxfield, Tod Dockstader, Luc Ferrari, Lejeune, Christian Clozier, Logothetis, Jani Christou,Toniutti, Nurse with wound, Asmus Tietchens, Zoviet France, Hafler Trio, John Duncan, Leif Ellgrenn, Hausswolff, Merzbow, Organum, AMM and similar!


音楽 : Acid Test

"ACID TEST" KEN KESEY & THE MERRY PRANKSTERS LP, on the Sound City Productions label, from 1966 is an original pressing. This private pressing is the Holy Grail of the San Francisco hippie LSD drug scene album. The paste-on front cover and blank back cover, is in EX condition with no seam splitting or writing, does have some light age wear. The heavy & glossy vinyl is in EX+ condition with some light sleeve marks, a very small mark and clean labels. "A real freak out, trippy documentary with some poetry, music with the Grateful Dead, all under the influence of LSD". An absolutely impossible album to find, and here is a great copy in solid condition. CLEANED ON A VPI RECORD CLEANER. STORED IN AN AUDIOPHILE INNER SLEEVE.

書籍 : これは驚いた。


(Yahoo オークションより引用。)


音楽 : STREAMLINE LABEL (Christoph Heemann )


The Streamline label was founded by Christoph Heemann in 1993. Detailed presentations of these releases can be found in the Interviews section.


Jim O'Rourke / Long Night 2CD 1023 2008
Xhol Caravan / Motherfuckers Live + Hot Buttered Xhol 2LP+12" 1022 2002
Little Annie / Diamonds Made of Glass CDEP/12" 1021 2001
Nurse With Wound / Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP 1020 2001
Ora / Aureum 2LP 1019 2000
Pantaleimon / Trees Hold Time LP 1018 2000
Mirror / Eye of the Storm LP/CD 1017 1999/2003
Limpe Fuchs / Nur Mar Mus CD 1016 1999
Andrew Chalk / Over the Edges LP/CD 1015 1999/2003
Mimir / Mimir CD 1014 2007
H.N.A.S. / Im Schatten der Mre CD 1013 2002
Mimir / (third) LP/CD 1012 2000/2002
Ragnar Grippe / Sand CD 1011 1996
Intersystems / Peachy CD 1010 1995
Edward Ka-Spel / Khataklimici China Doll CD 1009 1995
RLW / When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice I Shall Breathe Again CD 1008 1995
Intersystems / Free Psychedelic Poster Inside CD 1007 1994
Morphogenesis / Solarisation CD 1006 1994
John Duncan / Incoming CD 1005 1995
Limpe Fuchs / Muusiccia (Metal/Stones) CD 1004 1993
Merzbow and Christoph Heemann / Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss CD 1003 1993/1997
Keiji Haino / Beginning and End Interwoven CD 1002 1994
Mimir / Mimyriad CD/LP/CD 1001 1993/1999/2007

音楽 : THREE POPLARS LABEL (Chalk and Heemann)


The Three Poplars label was founded by Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann in 2000. Releases are:


Mirror / Shadow CD-R 3P-22 2004
Andrew Chalk / Shadows from the Album Skies CD-R 3P-21 2004
Mirror / Figures In A Landscape 2LP 3P-20 2004
Andrew Chalk and Brendan Walls / This Growing Clearing CD 3P-19 2004
Mirror / Places of Light LP 3P-18 2004
Mirror / Under the Sun LP 3P-17 2004
Mirror / Live in Bern CD-R 3P-16 2003
Jim O'Rourke / Two Organs LP 3P-15 2004
Andrew Chalk / Fall in the Wake of a Flawless Landscape LP 3P-13 2004
Mirror / A Pilgrim's Solace CD-R 3P-12 2003
Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuki / The Days After CD-R 3P-11 2003
William Basinski / A Red Score in Tile LP 3P-10 2003
Christoph Heemann / Time is the Simplest Thing CD-R 3P-9 2003
Jim O'Rourke / Scend LP 3P-8 2003
Mirror / In To The Wood CD-R 3P-007 2002
Mirror / Nights LP 3P-006 2002
Ora / Isle LP 3P-005 2002
Mirror / Nights CD-R 3P4 2001
Mirror / Visiting Star LP 3P-003 2000
Mirror / Pedestrian/Nocturne 7" TP02 2000
Mirror / The View CD-R 3P1 2000

音楽 : Andrew Chalk / Time of Hayfield

Andrew Chalk / Time of Hayfield は9種類のジャケットデザインがあるようだ。


音楽 : John Cale

The LP that came out on Special Stock has three tracks not on the CD. They are Jack the Ripper, Dead or Alive and Memphis. It also does not contain the song Don't Know Why She Came.

Tracks LP:
Side A:
1. Dance Of The Seven Veils
2. Helen Of Troy
3. Casey At The Bat
4. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
5. Jack The Ripper At The Moulin Rouge
Side B:
1. Dead Or Alive
2. Somebody Should Have Told Her
3. Instrumental for New Years 1980 ("Decade")
4. Magic & Lies
5. Memphis (from Jan. 1977)

According to the sleeve notes the first 4 tracks were recorded


書籍 : 富永太郎(7)


書籍 : 富永太郎(6)

富永太郎/定本 富永太郎詩集-大岡昇平編

書籍 : 富永太郎(5)

創元社 創元選書

書籍 : 富永太郎(4)

創元社 創元文庫

書籍 : 富永太郎(3)

創元社 創元文庫

書籍 : 富永太郎(2)


書籍 : 富永太郎(1)




永田耕衣 : 句集2冊

1996.12.10  肉筆句集「愛虚集」限定22部 315×210 肉筆十句画賛一葉 自筆題箋

1999     句集「泥」  限定20部 A4判