音楽 : Mars "Rehearsal Tapes And Alt. Takes NYC 1976-1978" [3 × Cassette]

Our first project in a series of archival releases. Over two hours of unreleased recordings by the band Mars (NYC 1977) recovered from the original cassette source. These recordings are of special value because they capture sounds from pre-Mars (when they were called China) sessions up to right before they broke up. Here their sound runs the gamut from piano jams to pummeling and dissonant guitar assaults, the latter of which was certainly ahead of its time and has since functioned as a point of reference for later generations. A selected compilation carefully extracted from hours of tape and studio recordings that have been mastered to suit the cassette tape format in which they were originally recorded.

[Cassette 1]
Side A Summer’76 - The piano sessions
Sumner piano solo
Pale blue eyes
Leather jacket *
Side B June ’77 - China to Mars
Look at you
Crazy like you
Plane separation
Don’t be so sensitive

[Cassette 2]
Side A December ’77 - 11.000 Volts
11000 Volts
11000 Volts
11000 Volts jam
Side B No New York Alt. Takes
Helen Forsdale (LP take rough mix)
Puerto Rican Ghost (2 takes drums and vocals)
Puerto Rican Ghost (2 takes full)
Hairwaves (several continuous takes)
Tunnel (LP take rough mix)

[Cassette 3]
Side A July ’78 - Scorn
Untitled mystery (tape cuts off)
Side B November ’78 - N N End
NN End
Monopoly – 2 takes
Immediate Stages of the Erotic


音楽 : ESP 1057 Peter Lemer - Local Colour (Re-issue CD)

ESP-Disk': Fifty Years of Altering Your Perceptions

As part of ESP-Disk's celebration of the 50th anniversary of our founding in 1963, we have created the limited rESPlica series to reissue some of the more esoteric, specialist items from our extensive catalog of avant-garde jazz, and underground/outsider rock and folk, etc. These have never before been officially issued in the U.S. on CD. Each one will reproduce the LP artwork (minus out-of-date addresses, and with a UPC code). The new remasters of these albums have been done specifically for ESP-Disk's 50th anniversary by archivist Michael D. Anderson from the original tapes whenever possible.

British pianist Peter Lemer studied with Jaki Byard, Paul Bley, and Bill Dixon, so his roots in jazz are strong. His lengthy and distinguished career has found him in a wide variety of settings. As an avant-garde jazz pianist, he recorded with Spontaneous Music Ensemble; in the jazz fusion realm, he was a member of Gilgamesh and Paraphernalia; as a progressive rock keyboardist, he played with Gong, Baker Gurvitz Army, the Mike Oldfield Group, Seventh Wave, and In Cahoots. Sideman credits include work with Annette Peacock, Harry Beckett, and more.

Surprisingly, Local Colour – his debut recording – is Lemer's only album as a leader. Recorded in London in 1966, before jazz fusion or prog-rock even existed, it belongs in the collection of anyone who cares about the British jazz scene, and not only because of Lemer's talents. Everyone in this quintet went on to notable achievements. This was sax great John Surman's recording debut; he is now arguably the premiere British jazz saxophonist, with a prolific and much-praised discography. Chances to hear the also scintillating sax sound of the more obscure Nisar Ahmad Khan (AKA George Khan) in a jazz context are much rarer, though prog-rock fans may remember his appearance on Robert Wyatt's Ruth Is Stranger than Richard and his work with Cream lyricist Pete Brown and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Drummer Jon (then going by John) Hiseman had already established himself on the British jazz scene by co-founding the New Jazz Orchestra in 1964; two years after the Local Colour session he started Colosseum, one of the most successful British jazz-rock bands, and he even collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the musical Cats. Bassist Tony Reeves had had a hit single in 1965 with Sounds Orchestral ("Cast Your Fate to the Wind"); after a brief stint with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Reeves joined Hiseman in Colosseum; he was also a member of Greenslade and Curved Air in addition to session work with Fairport Convention singer Sandy Denny and guitarist John Martyn. That's a whole lot of talent in the Peter Lemer Quintet! Together, they make a sort of inside/outside jazz that doesn't abandon themes and harmony but is still quite freewheeling when it wants to be. A lost classic, revived for a limited time with this 50th Anniversary Remaster rESPlica Edition in a slipcase copied from the original LP art.

Nisar Ahmad Khan (ts)
John Surman (bars, ss)
Peter Lemer (p)
Tony Reeves (b)
Jon Hiseman (d)

Track Listing

1. Ictus
2. City
3. Frowville
4. In The Out
5. Carmen
6. Enahenado

London, England, 1966

Press Quotes

"...another ESP-Disk gem back from the massive archives of one of the finest labels in avant-garde jazz." - Forced Exposure



音楽 : ESP 4001 Albert Ayler - Live On The Riviera (Re-issue CD)

When Ayler's band went through Customs in July 1970 on their way to play at a festival in France, keyboardist Call Cobbs got held back and arrived a day late. Minus the keyboards, the band played anyway. The music-making of the resulting ensemble is freer and more adventurous than on the quintet's following Maeght Foundation concerts. This unique document, Ayler's penultimate recording, thus brings him back to something close to the trio setting in which he first found fame on 1964's epochal Spiritual Unity (though, on Live on the Riviera, with Mary Maria adding occasional vocals and, once, another sax). Exactly four months later, Ayler's body would be found in the East River.

ESP-Disk's 50th Anniversary Remaster brings the seminal free-jazz saxophonist's last unfettered blast of expression back into print after several years out of the catalog.

Albert Ayler - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano, Musette, Vocal
Allen Blairman - Drums
Steve Tintweiss - Double Bass
Mary Maria - Vocal, Soprano Saxophone

Track Listing

1. Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe 7:47

2. Birth of Mirth  10:38

3. Masonic Inborn  7:18

4. Oh! Love of Life 9:31

5. Island Harvest  5:01

6. Heart Love  5:24

7: Ghosts

Tracks 1, 4-5 by Mary Parks, Pak Music (ASCAP)
Tracks 2-3, 6-7 by Albert Ayler, Syndicore Music (BMI)

Recorded July 25, 1970 at the Maeght Foundation in St. Paul de Vence

Press Quotes


7.6 rating "The bouncy 'The Birth of Mirth' shows that Ayler was writing great themes all the way to end." – Mark Richardson, Pitchfork.com

"...in Ayler's playing there is pain and sadness as well as joy and playfulness. His tenor plunges the depths of human emotions. And that's not being overdramatic—there are plenty of superb recordings that capture this. Live on the Riviera is merely the latest to do so." - James Taylor

"Ayler himself is in excellent form throughout, best on the playful "Birth of Mirth" and his theme song, "Ghosts." Bassist Steve Tintweiss and drummer Allen Blairman work well with Ayler, making one regret that this group did not last longer and record a full set as a trio." - Scott Yanow


音楽 : ESP 1016 New York Eye & Ear Control (Re-issue LP)

It isn't strictly an Albert Ayler album but a very interesting collaborative freely improvised soundtrack project for Michael Snow's film of the same name. Recorded in July 1964 by Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Gary Peacock and Sunny Murray. Liner notes, photos and more... digitally remastered from the original tapes.
Michael Snow, the Toronto based film maker and pianist and catalyst for free improvisational performers everywhere; painter, sculptor and record producer, and the pride of Canada, used the image of pianist-composer Carla Bley as the inspiration for ah art film, NY EYE & EAR CONTROL. For his sound track, he assembled a group of ESP artists in his loft, and recorded them on July 17, 1964.

Albert Ayler: tenor sax
Don Cherry: trumpet, cornet
John Tchicai: alto saxophone
Roswell Rudd: trombone
Gary Peacock: bass
Sunny Murray: drums

Track Listing
1. Don's Dawn 1:05
2. A Y 21:24
3. ITT 23:22

All compositions by Albert Ayler (Syndicore Music BMI)

Recorded in NYC, on July 17, 1964 by Michael Snow for use as the soundtrack to his film "Walking Woman" (aka New York Eye and Ear Control). Original cover design by Michael Snow. Production Manager: Tom Abbs. Analog to digital transfer by Michael D. Anderson. Digital remastering by Douglas McGregor. Design & Layout by Miles Bachman & Michael Sanzone.

Press Quotes

"Something of a missing link between Ornette Coleman’s “Free Jazz” and John Coltrane’s “Ascension,” this recording is superior to those performances in its freer, truly group-oriented format, with no specified soloists and accompanists. Joined by the trumpeter and cornetist Don Cherry, the saxophonist John Tchicai, and the trombonist Roswell Rudd, as well as by Peacock and Murray, Ayler guides the group through the powerful authority of his playing; the riotous revelry joins the joy of New Orleans traditions to the urbane furies of the day." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"Ayler's wide-vibrato wail, gutbucket honks and folksy abstractions are all here, but they're constantly goading and commented on by Tchicai's slinky repetition, Rudd's braying tailgate and Cherry's darting bebop shards." - Clifford Allen, All About Jazz

Lp - White cover

Lp/CD - Black Cover

音楽 : ESP 1013 Giuseppi Logan - More (Re-issue CD)

More, Giuseppi Logan's second album, has two tracks from the same legendary May 1st, 1965 Town Hall concert, produced by ESP-Disk' owner Bernard Stollman, that gave us Albert Ayler's Bells. This ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary Renaster edition of More includes previously unissued music from Logan's set that reissue producer Michael D. Anderson discovered at the end of the Bells master tape. The astonishing thing about this 10-minute segment of audio tape is that it is the continuation of the second track, “Shebar,” extending its length to 19 minutes. On the original album, there is a fade, but with the inclusion of this newly discovered segment, the performance continues to the end of the song and of the group's performance. Note: The slight distortion here exists on the original master tape and could not be corrected, but the historical value in hearing the entire performance warrants its inclusion.

Newly Remastered - 2013

Giuseppi Logan (as, bcl, fl -1,2,4, p -3)
Don Pullen (p -1,2,4)
Reggie Johnson (b -1,2)
Eddie Gomez (b -4)
Milford Graves (d, per -1,2,4)

Track Listing
1. Mantu
2. Shebar
3. Curve Eleven
4. Wretched Sunday

"Town Hall", NYC, May 1, 1965


Lp w/ stereo sticker, 156 Fifth Avenue address.


音楽 : ESP 1005 The Byron Allen Trio (Re-issue CD)

ESP-Disk': Fifty Years of Altering Your Perceptions

As part of ESP-Disk's celebration of the 50th anniversary of our founding in 1963, we are reissuing items from our extensive catalog of avant-garde jazz, and underground/outsider rock and folk, etc. that have never been officially issued in the U.S. on CD.

Some of these will be regular unlimited releases, but some more esoteric specialist items will come out in a new limited-edition series we've dubbed rESPlica. Each one will reproduce the LP artwork (with two minor changes: our former addresses will be deleted to avoid confusion, and a UPC code will be added (we regret the latter, but it does help us to keep the cost of these beautiful near-replicas at the same price as a regular issue). The new remasters of these albums have been done specifically for ESP-Disk's 50th anniversary by archivist Michael D. Anderson from the original tapes.

Only a thousand copies of each rESPlica album will be available, so to enable our fans to secure their copies, we will take preorders for each one on our website. Everyone buying via preorder will immediately receive a digital download of the new remaster at no additional charge.
- - - -
Byron Allen Trio was among the first batch of ESP-Disk's jazz LPs. Recorded on the afternoon of September 25, 1964 at Mirasound Studio in midtown Manhattan, it was Allen's debut. He had been recommended to ESP-Disk' by Ornette Coleman, and one of the tracks, "Decision for the Cole-Man," reflects this connection. Allen and his trio also play in a style somewhat similar to that of Coleman's trio of that era with bassist David Izenson and drummer Charles Moffett, though that's not to say that Allen, bassist Maceo Gilchrist, and drummer Ted Robinson don't display a sound of their own on the four tracks here. In the years since, though Allen made only one other album (and that 15 years later), this LP acquired legendary stature among jazz fanatics.

Byron Allen (alto sax)
Maceo Gilchrist (bass)
Teddy Robinson (percussion)

Track Listing
Time Is Passed
Three Steps In The Right Direction
Decision For The Cole-Man
Today's Blues Tomorrow




CD Via reissue/td>

音楽 : ESP 1055 Patty Waters - College Tour (Re-issue CD LP)

In the Spring of 1966, ESP was given a grant by the New York State Council on the Arts, to tour the five colleges in the state with music departments. Artists for this tour included the Sun Ra Arkestra, Burton Greene, Patty Waters, Giuseppi Logan and Ran Blake. Accompanied by an all star backup group from among the participants, Patty's performances resulted in the album, "College Tour", her second recording for ESP-Disk'. The album expands upon the vocal acrobatics that were heard on her first recording, "Sings". "College Tour" won second place for Vocal Recording in Jazz and Pop Magazine in 1970.

Patty Waters is internationally recognized as one of the first major avant-garde vocalists. Her ESP-Disk' recordings cemented her reputation as a vocal innovator, and according to liner notes and public opinion, one whose influence extended beyond jazz to Yoko Ono and Diamanda Galas.

Giuseppi Logan (fl -1,2,4,6,7)
Dave Burrell (p -1,2,4,6,7)
Burton Greene (p -3)
Ran Blake (p -5)
Perry Lind (b -1,2,4,6,7)
Steve Tintweiss (b -3)
Scobe Stroman (d -1,2,4,6,7)
Shelly Rustein (d -3)
Patty Waters (vo)

Track Listing
1. Song Of Clifford
2. Hush Little Baby With Ba Ha Bad
3. Wild Is The Wind
4. Prayer
5. It Never Entered My Mind
6. Song Of Life With Hush Little Baby
7. Song Of The One (I Love) Or Love, My Love

"The New York State College Tour", NYC, April, 1966

* part of ESP-Disk' ESP 4019.



Lp, 1966, 5 Riverside Drive address.


音楽 : ESP 2001 Cromagnon - Cave Rock (Re-issue LP)

Already commercially successful as tune-smiths for teenyboppers, Austin Grasmere and Brian Elliot approached Bernard Stollman looking to focus their talents on something more original and unrestrained. Stollman asked, “What would be your theme?” and Elliot replied: “Everything is one.” Bernard said, “Go do it.” What followed was Cromagnon's (Grasmere, Elliot and the Connecticut Tribe) non-linear journey through the subconscious, weaving together bizarre instrumentation and meter with a psychotic blending of musical styles. Bagpipes, pounding percussion, blood-curdling yelps, chanting, laughing, and billowing subterranean rumblings create the otherworldly soundscape that is Cave Rock. Heralded as one of the best freak-out records of all time, Cave Rock was ridiculously ahead of its time and brings to mind the savage sound-fuckery of Nurse with Wound and Throbbing Gristle as well as the hallucinations of early Red Krayola.

Austin Grasmere (lead vocals, music)
Brian Elliot (lead vocals, music)

Connecticut Tribe:
Peter Bennett (bass)
Jimmy Bennett (guitar, bagpipes)
Vinnie Howley (guitar)
Sal Salgado (percussion)
Nelle Tresselt (honorary tribe member)
Mark Payuk (vocals)
Gary Leslie (vocals, multi-sound effects)

Track Listing
1. Caledonia
2. Ritual Feast Of The Libido
3. Organic Sundown
4. Fantasy
5. Crow Of The Black Tree
6. Genitalia
7. Toth, Scribe I
8. First World Of Bronze

All compositions by Austin Grasmere
Except Caledonia by Austin Grasmere & Brian Elliot

* also issued on ESPCD 2001 entitled "Orgasm"

Recorded 1969, A1 Sound Studio, New York City
Co-produced by Austin Grasmere and Brian Elliot
Engineered by Onno Scholtze
Original cover illustration: Howard Bernstein
Original cover art from the collection of Gregor Kessler
Production Manager: Adam Downey
Digital remastering by Douglas McGregor
Design by Miles Bachman

Press Quotes

"An aural stew of experimental vocal sounds (tribal chanting, eerie whispering, animal-like screeching, monster sounding growls, ghostly howls, outright screaming, violent puking sounds, etc), various effects (over-dubbed sound bites played backwards, old sirens, common household sounds, manipulated electronics, field recordings) and the occasional use of a conventional instrument (spooky bagpipes, frantic rhythm guitar, scratchy fiddle) that are all meshed and held together with various forms of primitive percussion. A couple tracks have no rhythm instruments and are simply gravity defying acts of freeform music. Surprisingly, after being subjected to over 30 minutes of unintelligible voices, Cromagnon finally reap the benefits of evolution and use coherent words from the English language on the final two songs on the album. Cromagnon is ominous and experimental tribal music for the bad acid trip." J Scott Brubig, The Acid Archives

“An anomaly, even on the always far out ESP label, Cromagnon was the brainchild of Brian Eliot and Austin Grasmere,...They made a truly inspired music, a sort of Dadaist psychedelic folk, tribal and raw, ridiculous but enchanting. It's hard to believe that a record as completely far-out as Orgasm was recorded in 1969. Bands these days can't be this whacked even if they try, especially if they try." – Andee Connors

LP 290 West End Avenue.
Via Re-issue CD

音楽 : ESP 1061 Jerry Moore - Life is a Constant Journey Home(Re-issue CD)

This one is so legendary that we don’t have to describe it ourselves. All Music Guide’s Ron Wynn writes: “Here's a classic case of a great release coming from a most unexpected source. Moore did a number of reasonably effective soul and blues singles on regional labels, then recorded this seven-track concept work for the legendary bohemian New York label ESP Disk, best known for '60s underground rock bands like the Fugs, the Godz and Pearls Before Swine. Life Is a Constant Journey Home contains several remarkable protest and topical tunes, each sung with grit and conviction. “The Ballad of Birmingham” revisits the horrible bombing incident in 1963 that killed four little girls, while "Winds of Change" offers hope and inspiration to those battling for justice, and "Life Is a Constant Journey" takes almost a folkie musical approach while discussing the impact of fate and personal decisions. Like so many other remarkable ESP releases, this one got limited distribution and remains a collector's oddity, although it still stands as a fine piece of singer/songwriter commentary and vocal polemic.” Moore is supported on this album by well-known instrumentalists Eric Gale, Bill Salter, Warren Smith, and Ralph MacDonald.

Eric Gale (g)
Jerry Moore (g, vo)
Bill Salter (b)
Warren Smith (d)
Ralph MacDonald (cga)

Track Listing
1. Ballad Of Birmingham
2. Winds Of Change
3. Let Go, Reach Out
4. Life Is A Constant Journey Home
5. Drugged
6. Anti Bellum Sermon
7. This Is My Time

Impact Studios, NYC, August, 1967

LP, 156 Fifth Avenue address


音楽 : ESP 1074 Burton Greene - The Burton Greene Trio On Tour(Re-issue CD)

First-ever American CD edition of this lost classic, recorded "live" during ESP's 1966 New York State College Tour. The "piano harp" credit is Greene's way of noting that he plays inside the piano, directly on the strings – the first jazz pianist to do so on record, taking a page from avant-gardist Henry Cowell's book. In his notes to the original LP, included complete in this reissue, Greene writes, "The tour found people largely unexposed to this music. They were often shaken up. Some were deeply moved. Those who came for a total body and soul experience were rewarded with the vibrations. The people who constantly needed the theoretical approach or 'road maps' were not.... Like the time a boat load of people left the hall at a lecture following a performance at Fredonia State Teacher's College. We had the audacity to tell people that not only was our approach to music valid but that often the results were as musically complex and often more so than, let's say Beethoven. Throughout the tour we continued to denigrate the idea of the 'sacred cow' and tried to encourage people to learn to do their own thing rather than to follow us blindly and mimic our techniques etc."

Burton Greene (p, piano harp)
Steve Tintweiss (b)
Shelly Rusten (per)

Track Listing

1. Bloom In The Commune
2. Ascent
3. Tree Theme
4. Transcendence

"The New York State College Tour", NYC, April-May, 1966

Press Quotes

"Pianist Burton Greene ('37) is a major figure in the free jazz revolution of '60s New York." – Portland Monthly
"Pretty far out work from pianist Burton Greene...Steve Tintweiss on bass and Shelly Rusten on drums…give Burton plenty of space to stretch out in an open-ended, freely improvised sort of way. There's a very spacious, dynamic style to the music – with oblique segments interspersed with more wide open ones, and occasional crescendos with wide sheets of sound." – DustyGroove.com

音楽 : ESP 1034 Various Artists - The East Village Other (EVO)(Re-issue CD LP)

In August, 1966, a horde of East Villagers traveled uptown to RLA studio on West 65th Street, (later torn down to build Lincoln Center) to record an album which was intended to raise funds for the EAST VILLAGE OTHER, the underground newspaper.


Steve Weber (g, vo?)
Gerard Malanga, Ingrid Superstar (performer)
Velvet Underground
Marion Brown (as) Scotty Holt (b) Ronald Shannon Jackson (d)
Allen Ginsberg (spoken word?) Peter Orlovsky (performer)
Peter Rawson (g) Tuli Kupferberg, Viki Pollon (vo)
Ishmael Reed (spoken word?)
Andy Warhol (performer)

Track Listing

1. "Luci's Wedding" by plastic clock radio

2. "If I Had Half a Mind" by Steve Weber

3. "Gossip" by Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar

4. "Noise" by The Velvet Underground

5. "Jazz Improv" by Marion Brown, Scott Holt, & Ronald Shannon Jackson

6. "Mantras" by Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky

7. "Luci's Wedding" (cont) by plastic clock radio

8. "Love and Ashes" by Tuli Kupferberg 7 Viki Pollon, with Peter Rawson on guitar

9. "The Free Lance Pall Bearers" by Ishmael Reed

10. "Interview With Hairy" by Ken Weaver & Ed Sanders

RLA Sound Studios, NYC, August 6, 1966